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1 - SunStar MPPT Charger Introduction

Rich Electric - SunStar MPPT- Solar/Wind charger system

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The Optimal Solar/Wind MPPT Battery Charger System.

The SunStar MPPT is a highly reliable solar battery charger and its most critical feature is to
maximize the harvest energy from the PV array into the battery by using the advanced technology
of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). The battery types that the SunStar MPPT charge
include Flooded Lead Acid (FLA), GEL ,AGM chemistries and LiFePo4 in the range of 12Vdc,
24Vdc, 36Vdc and 48Vdc nominal. The high efficiency of charging ability can be accomplished
through a 2 or 3 or 4-stage charging depending on the battery type. It is built-in with the protection
to ensure the battery without being overcharged or undercharged.
The wide range of the input array voltage and output battery voltage are well applied to the solar
system to allow system planner to produce the most of the solar energy. The input PV array of the
SS-50C MPPT and SS-80C MPPT may be wired in the range of 16~112Vdc nominal and the
input PV array of the SS-80CX and SS-160CX may be wired in the range of 16~192Vdc nominal.
The output battery voltage is accepted from 12 to 48Vdc nominal. After wiring up and operation,
the built-in intelligent data logging system can track the battery of charge (SOC) and the harvest
power produced over the days.
SunStar MPPT may not only well used in solar systems but also in wind or hybrid systems. With
respect to these systems, the 2 auxiliary relays can be programmed by constants setting. The
functions and programming of the relays helps to control the dump loads. Multiple SunStar MPPT
with cables (up to 16 units) can be connected in the larger power systems. The controller with
optional rectifier and braking unit for wind system is required to control and stop the control from
overload condition caused by over large wind speed.
Please carefully read through this manual and all the installation instruction and wiring before
beginning installation of your SunStar MPPT. The protection and installation equipment should be
complied with the local codes. The rated fuses, breakers and external lightning protection should
be installed along with SunStar MPPT.

Features includes

  • Integrates Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), batery charge management, state of charge information
  • Continuous output power rating without de-rating at up to 50℃ ambient temperature
  • Built-in Battery Energy Monitor tracks power production and consumption to calculate the energy remaining in battery state of charge (SOC) is displayed in percent full, Amp-hours, Watt-hours, and 90 days of energy-harvest history is stored in the solar charger
  • Supports Flooded Lead Acid (FLA), GEL, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and LiFePO4 batteries, 2/3/4-stage charging with adjustable set points for all parameters
  • Wire the PV modules in series up to 112VDC normal (140VDC Max) for SS-80C Series and SS-50C series and 192VDC normal (240VDC Max) for SS-80CX Series and SS-160CX Series
  • Easy stacking of up to 16 units in parallel for high currents
  • Precision charging of 12V/ 24V/36V/48V batteries with easy set-up and using battery voltage
    sense (BVS) wires.
  • Built-in temperature compensation function for safe and complete charging.
  • The optional rectifier with braking unit for wind system is required to control and stop the
    controller from overload condition caused by over large wind speed.




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2 - SunStar Infrastructure


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Sunstar Infrastructure



3 - SunStar Specification

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Sunstar Specification



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