Consumer Product Series

1 - LED Lighting Wholesale

LED Series

Monday, 19 April 2010 at 20:30 GMT, by SiteAdmin

ISP brought "Quality,efficient & cost effective " LED product sourcing from China, and now have a full line of LED lighting product for almost any application. We fly down & verify a number of manufacturer , and according to our expertise 's experience with on site visit. we selected one of LED lighting manufactuer as a ISP recommendation & wholesale. It featured best performance and excellent pricing. Contact us for pricing ! Read more »

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LED Bulb

2 - BTS-77 PCB Dust Cleaner Wholesale


Monday, 19 April 2010 at 20:30 GMT, by SiteAdmin

The Printed Circuit Board in electronic devices and facilities attract dust by static electricity. This static electricity leads to the PCB, which short-circuits the degradation of performance, and shortes service lifespan. BTS-77 is a newly invented material to keep electronic devices and facilities from those possible risks and dangers. BTS-77 blocks ust from coming into the PCBs, preventing unwanted losses and accidents.



Prevention of management function: CAN CLEAN WHILE EQUIPMENT IS IN USE

BTS-77 can clean equipments without the concern of conducting electricity, even in high voltage up to 50,000V

Stability: Non-corrosive material

BTS-77 consist of unique materials that leave no corrosion or damage on PCBs and all other electronic parts.

Economic: Captures and resolves dust quickly

BTS-77 can slip into any tiny, narrow gaps, completely removing dust.

Technology: Prevents static and noise

BTS-77 neutralizes the static electricity generated by air compressions.

Environmental friendly: Prevents respiratory disease

BTS-77 is an eco-friendly product with no airbome dust

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