Digital Persona Solution Series

1 - Digital Persona Introduction


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Founded in 1996, DigitalPersona designs, manufactures and sells software and hardware that enable commercial enterprises, hardware OEMs, software ISVs and consumers to use fingerprint biometrics to secure identity information and boost efficiency of operations. The company’s award‐winning technology has been used by more than 95 million people world‐wide and its solutions are offered by market‐leading manufacturers such as HP, Dell, IBM and NCR.
DigitalPersona serves the needs of three primary markets:
Enterprises – DigitalPersona offers packaged software and hardware for enhancing security, compliance and operational efficiency in back office and front office environments. The company’s solutions are used in businesses of all sizes, particularly mid‐sized businesses and agencies in the Healthcare, Financial, Retail, Utilities and State/Local Government sectors. The company’s Privacy Manager application is preloaded by HP on business computers and the full software suite is offered directly to customers and through a global network of resellers.
Embedded Solution Developers – DigitalPersona offers fingerprint biometrics hardware and associated software development kits (SDKs) for use in commercial applications. Its products are used by equipment manufacturers (OEMs, including IBM, NCR, Micros and Posiflex), independent software vendors (ISVs) and systems integrators who create and deliver biometrically‐enabled solutions, particularly in the Retail, Restaurant, Financial, Healthcare and Physical Access sectors. The company’s fingerprint sensor modules are incorporated into most of the biometrically‐enabled POS terminals on the market.
Consumers – DigitalPersona offers an identity protection software suite that is preloaded by HP, Dell and other computer manufacturers on consumer notebooks and is sold over the Web to help people protect their passwords and other identity information online.

DigitalPersona offers the following products:



Embedded Solutions


DigitalPersona® Pro – a turnkey, authentication and identity security software solution for centrally managing access to business applications and information. It enables organizations to enhance security, simplify compliance, and eliminate IT costs associated with passwords.




DigitalPersona® Pro ID Server – add‐on software for DigitalPersona Pro that enables Windows‐based PCs and networks to recognize thousands of users in Active Directory solely by their fingerprint to accelerate access to mission‐critical applications and reduce operational costs.




DigitalPersona® Privacy Manager Pro – a securityapplication that layers on top of DigitalPersona Pro to add digital signing and encryption of email and documents. It makes securing communications easy and helps organizations automate approvals workflow for greater efficiency.




DigitalPersona® Online –a client‐server software toolkit that enablesInternet and application service providers to use fingerprint authentication for secure and convenient Internet transactions and communications in Web portals and online applications.




DigitalPersona® Personal – an easy‐to‐use identity protection suite for individuals and business users that lets people use their fingerprints to access their PCs and online accounts.

X (small offices)



U.are.U® 4500 Fingerprint Reader – a high‐performance fingerprint reader peripheral that connects to PCs. It is available both as a standalone reader and as part of a keyboard.




U.are.U® 4500 Fingerprint Module – a high‐performance fingerprint sensor for embedding into commercial devices, such as point‐of‐sale (POS) terminals, medical supply cabinets, door locks and more.




One Touch® Software Development Kits (SDKs)–powerful, easy‐to‐use software that enables independent software vendors to add fingerprint biometrics to their applications.







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2 - Hardware


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U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader

The Ultimate Fingerprint Identity Machine

The U.are.U 4500 Reader is a USB fingerprint reader featuring an elegant, sleek design with a soft, cool blue glow and, of course, the unsurpassed performance DigitalPersona is known for. Made for power-users and shared environments, the 4500 is the natural choice for those that want and need the very best. Here’s a look at just some of its features and benefits:

Blue LED Soft, cool blue glow fits into any environment. Provides a pleasing presence; doesn't compete in low light environments, such as restaurants, or conflict with alarm condition colors, such as in healthcare.
Small form factor Conserves valuable desk space.
Rugged construction High-quality metal casing weighted to resist unintentional movement.
Special undercoating Stays where you put it because of a special undercoating.
Rotation invariant Touch it from any direction, it still provides a high quality image and matching performance, perfect for shared environments.
Excellent image quality High-quality optics ensure best image every time.
Works well with dry, moist, or rough 
Reliable performance over the widest population of users. Reads even the most difficult fingerprints.

4500HD - High-Durability Model

The 4500HD was specifically designed for business critical applications that require a high-level of durability from fingerprint readers but still need a high degree of accuracy. When deployed in a shared environment, fingerprint readers are commonly subjected to harsh use and outright vandalism that can significantly reduce their performance or break the device. To counter this, the 4500HD Reader has a super tough coating that stands up to physical and chemical abuse while delivering unequaled accuracy and performance for hard-to-read fingerprints.

The U.are.U 4500 and 4500HD fingerprint readers are designed for use with DigitalPersona's full range of software: DigitalPersona Pro for Active Directory and DigitalPersonal SDKs for your own applications.

Some of the many applications and verticals markets in which the U.are.U Readers may be used include:

  • Drug dispensary
  • Prescription fulfillment
  • Time and Attendance
  • Point of Service (Retail and Restaurant)
  • Health Club membership access
  • Finance and Banking account access
  • Law Enforcement
  • State and Local Government


To use, simply place a finger on the reader window and the reader quickly and automatically captures and encrypts the fingerprint image before sending it to the DigitalPersona IDentity Engine for verification.

DigitalPersona products utilize optical fingerprint scanning technology for superior image quality and product reliability. The combination of a U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader with the DigitalPersona IDentity Engine produces an unmatched ability to recognize even the most difficult fingerprints.


UareU 4500

UareU 4500



3 - Digital Persona Pro Solution

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DigitalPersona Pro

Digital Persona Pro 


  • DigitalPersona Pro Data Sheet (June 2010) | Download (PDF)
  • DigitalPersona Pro Brochure (June 2010) | Download (PDF)
Product Briefs Solution Briefs

Data Sheets


  • DigitalPersona Pro (June 2010) | Download (PDF) | A4 Format (PDF)
  • DigitalPersona Privacy Manager Pro (Feb 2010) | Download (PDF) | A4 Format (PDF)
  • DigitalPersona Pro vs. DigitalPersona Personal Comparison Chart (Aug 2009) | Download (PDF) | A4 Format (PDF)
  • DigitalPersona Online (June 2010) | Download (PDF) | A4 Format (PDF)
  • One Touch for Windows SDK Data Sheet (June 2009) | Download (PDF) | A4 Format (PDF)
  • One Touch for Linux SDK (May 2008) | Download (PDF) | A4 Format (PDF)
  • One Touch I.D. SDK Data Sheet (June 2009) | Download (PDF) | A4 Format (PDF)
  • DigitalPersona Pro SDK (Oct 2008) | Download (PDF) | A4 Format (PDF)
  • U.are.U 4500 Reader (Apr 2010) | Download (PDF) | A4 Format (PDF)
  • U.are.U 4500 Module (Apr 2010) | Download (PDF) | A4 Format (PDF)
  • U.are.U Keyboard (Mar 2010) | Download (PDF) | A4 Format (PDF)
  • Maintenance and Support Service (March 2010) | Download (PDF)




4 - Need Consulting? find us for details

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